With so much happening on Facebook, it’s quite understandable that there are simply some things you don’t want other people to see all the time.

The way Facebook displays all of a users activity on their walls is ugly, and it has to potential, for an active person like myself, to make a persons profile look empty, and bare. It also allows everyone to know what you are doing, and where, all the time. This is fine if you don’t mind that sort of thing, but most of us would probably like to hide this activity from our profiles anyways, and luckily, doing it is very easy.

To start, obviously, you’ll need to be logged into your Facebook account.

Step 1) Navigate to your personal profile, and view your wall

Step 2) Find some recent activity that shows up from a previous comment someplace else on the web.

Step 3) Click the “X” that appears on the right side next to it. You’ll probably have to move your mouse over to see it

Step 4) Select “Hide All Recent Wall Post Activity From My Profile” from the list of available options.

Step 5) Confirm this is what you’d like to do, by clicking the blue “Hide All” button in the confirmation prompt.

Once you do this, all recent activity that you can see will vanish from your Facebook wall. Also, future activity will no longer show up either, so when you visit a page wall or a friend’s profile, and comment on something, the news that you’ve done this will no longer appear for everyone to see.

For a brief demo, I’ve made this video to show you. Enjoy:


It really comes in handy, and I love my facebook a lot better without that junk there.

However, you may have done this, and realized that you liked it better the other way. No problem, this process is easily reversible.

To get it back, just do this:

Step 1) Navigate to your Profile

Step 2) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, until you see “Edit Options” right above the footer (pictured below)

Step 3) In the “Edit Options” section, you can UNHIDE these characteristics, but simply clicking the “x” next to the option. This will remove it from the “hidden” part of your profile, and everything will show again! :D

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