This is probably going to be one of the most captivating films of all time. Not only is Steven Spielberg directing it, but this biopic features one of the best method-acting stars in Hollywood in history: Daniel Day Lewis. Presenting the story of the current lame-duck President (a president that isn’t eligible for re-election after their current term is over), Obama.

Daniel Day Lewis was the star previous Spielberg movies like Lincoln, and is well-known for his ability to become the characters he plays entirely. But Obama is an entirely different character all-together. Lewis has never played a black man before, and certainly not one as well-known by the public today as Obama.

But as you can see from above… Lewis completely nails the character! WOW!

“Was it hard playing Obama? I’ll be honest and say that it was…The cosmetics were challenging…The hardest part? Trying to understand his motivations. Why did he pursue health care first? What makes him tick? Why doesn’t he get mad? If I were him, I would be mad all the time. But I’m not him, I’m Daniel Day Lewis.”

Of course, it was only logical to continue the casting pattern that was before Mr. Spielberg, incorporating a vast diversity of personalities into his films. What better diversity could be achieved without the infamous 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan to play Vice President Joe Biden? He’s humble as he describes how Daniel Day Lewis’s inspires him to truly capture his role as well.

Will this be the next big hit? Let us know how excited you are about this film in the comments below!

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