As you know, I’ve been writing about Google+ for quite a bit now, and I’ve been scanning through profiles attempting to get my own profile all set up and working well. Then, I came across a few people I recognized from Twitter, and followed them. Now… I’ve run into Steve. Steve was right there, in the search box when i typed “Steve J,” and his profile was kinda popular and well set up already.

Yes, it appears Steve is also experimenting with the new Social Network, and what does he have to say about it? Well… as it turns out, he loves it!

It’s almost 6 in the morning and Im addicted to this

Normally, I’m a bit skeptical about huge name figures making an appearance publicly online (almost always a fake account). Whether this one is the real Steve Jobs… well, probably not. Still it was kinda fun to see and share, and you guys should follow him just for the hell of it! Besides, what if we end up finding out that it is the real him… wouldn’t you want to follow him anyways? I’m doing it for the Lulz! :D


Updated: Apparently somebody didn’t like that! haha… So the profile was deleted. Nice while it lasted though. It’s memory can be preserved right here on HotTips! :D

By the way (I almost forgot)… If you want your own Google Plus account, you will need in invitation! – Luckily… we’re willing to give you one! CLICK HERE!

UPDATED AGAIN… Seems people are now impersonating Mark Zukerberg as well! hahaa


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