When Sony’s Playstation 3 console first came to this grateful planet, it was big, fat, and some may say a tad on the ugly side. It had a glossy finish though, so the oooh’s and aaah’s were still in abundance.

Sony’s amazing console (which can do “everything” by the way) has been given various makeovers over the years, from it’s former chubby self, to a slimmer version creatively titled “The Playstation 3 Slim” in November of 2009. Now, in the middle of 2012, about one year before Sony fans are looking to see the next generation console hit the shelves, the game-maker may be looking to add just one more version of Playstation 3 to the market. It’s shedding some more pounds as well.

Many of you might not know of this yet, but a couple of weeks ago, a filing for a new PS3 model was discovered at the FCC database. Although most of the information was kept classified at Sony’s request, it seems that new images of what is being dubbed “The Super Slim” have recently surfaced on Brazilian tech site TecnoBlog.

Whether or not this is a hoax, Sony has yet to confirm. Either way, the new look is certainly… interesting.

As you can see below, there are several notable differences in the new model compared to its earlier counterparts. For starters, it’s even slimmer than the PS3 slim, has a top-loader disc drive for the first time in the console’s lifetime, and sports a corrugated plastic top. Sadly, there are still only 2 USB drives, but there is good news (if true).

There are three versions, CECH-4011A, B, and C, and each has three different hard drive sizes, 16 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB, respectively. If the 16GB size shocks you, then so will the rumored $150 price tag for that model. This would rival Microsoft’s new 4GB XBox 360, being $50 cheaper with 4 times the storage capacity.

Technology's always getting smaller

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Personally, I think this is too little, too late. the Playstation 4 is (supposedly) coming out in just a year, so there really isn’t enough time to get the most out of this latest model. Granted, the huge price cut is certainly appealing, but most people who were looking for the cheaper option have already bought the first Playstation 3 Slim. So what are they hoping for with this, if it’s actually happening? Could they be preparing for the Playstation 3 to have an extended life span into the next generation, as the Playstation 2 did for so many years? Could they actually be expecting to delay the Playstation 4, and need the “Super Slim” to keep them afloat until then? I have my theories, but I’d rather hear yours. Comment below, and let’s hope to get some discussion started. Remember, nothing is confirmed yet, but there’s certainly enough to warrant the buzz that’s all over the Internet.


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