As a cinematographer and professional video editor, applications from the App Store rarely appeal to me like most consumers. Over the years, I’ve accumulated enough equipment and software in my collection to make pretty much everything downloadable from the App Store obsolete (except Final Cut Pro X).

Still, in this fast growing world of technology, there’s always an opportunity for apps to surprise even the professionals. Perhaps it’s a feature that’s implemented in an innovative way, or an idea that sparks our capacity to explore the capabilities of our mobile lifestyle. Or, in the case of SloPro for iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s a feature we’ve never had before, given to us on a device we always have with us (unlike our high-end cameras).

Today, I’d like to present an awesome little app that unleashes a new possibility for video recording on iPhone 4S, which unlocks the devices ability to capture slow-motion instantly with allowing double the frame rate possible before. SloPro for iPhone is a total winner.

To start, the interface is simple and unique. It allows for quick capture with little lag from your device. You can begin capture video faster with this app than with iMovie for iPhone, and with only a slightly slower load time than the normal camera (with the exception of activating the camera from your iOS 5.1 lock screen).

The most beautiful part about SloPro is that it requires no rendering. The application is able to record, and then immediately playback the slow-motion that it captured, providing instant feedback for your eyes to see. The editor is fairly easy as well, allowing simple trimming and range selection operations with a drag of a finger.

[pullquote_right]PLEASE NOTE THAT 60FPS RECORDING IS ONLY SUPPORTED ON iPHONE 4S. The app believes that other devices are not fast enough to do this adequately.[/pullquote_right]

The last awesome feature I’ll point out, is social media integration. Additional support for Facebook and YouTube uploading gives this application social media tools that will likely come in handy for simple uploads. It’s interesting to point out, however that although Twitter is not integrated through this app, the iPhone features that option built-in. You’d need to export to the camera roll for it though, since doing it right from the app isn’t an option. It’s important to note, however, that exporting video to the camera¬†roll makes your video drop to 30FPS, rather than staying at 60FPS. Slight inconvenience with that one.

For free, the app records with a watermark, and does not allow RAW exporting of 60FPS to the computer. For watermark-free recording, and 60FPS exporting, you’ll need to purchase the “Pro” version of the app, which is done with a $1.99 in-app purchase. The app developers never mention this particular element in the description of the app, but luckily the base version is totally free, and you wouldn’t have wasted your money anyways.

Using this for free allows you to see how the app works, and how well it works, before buying it. Essentially, they’ve got a “try before you buy” system already set in place with this method, and for that, I say thank you.

You can download the app free from the App Store right now using the widget above, or by clicking HERE.


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