When Apple purchased Siri, the magical app from the App Store that allowed users to talk to their iPhones and get fast and relevant results on nearby places and activities using only their voices, they did what they’ve done to almost every other company or resource they’ve bought in the past: They took the best of what that had to offer, and made it better. Siri has been enhanced to accept all sorts of questions and commands, and transform those words into something that really helps people be productive. It also has a great personality.

Apple also did something else when they purchased Siri though… they took away functionality from previous devices, and their perfectly happy owners. People like me, who used the old Siri application quite often.

When Apple came out with the new Siri, they removed the old app from the App Store. On top of that, they shut down the servers which the old app was communicating with, so that the millions of people who were using that application, no longer could. In a sense, this made a perviously awesome application totally worthless, and in order to get something like it back again, people were just going to have to get an iPhone 4S, and get the new and improved Siri.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why they removed the app from the App Store. Every day I come across people who say things like “I used that before” or “It wasn’t really anything special when i had it.” They confuse Siri, thinking that this new version is somehow the same as the old. They would simply download the one from the App Store, and many people would just assume they have Siri then. Truth of the matter, is that these two applications are nothing alike at all. True, under the hood of this new digital beast there may be several parts of the old Siri app that work well to produce today’s results, but the power, accuracy, and the capabilities of that application doesn’t compare. It even has a completely changed UI, and Apple has given the app a personality that has never been seen in a mobile platform before. The only thing that’s the same, is the name.

What I don’t agree with though, is stopping the existing application, and all those who were already using the old Siri, from using it. They made my app totally worthless, and it removed functionality from a perfectly functional system. When they created Siri, they downgraded my user experience. It’s times like these were I’m happy the jailbreak community exists. Now, we are all one step closer to getting back what was taken away, and in a really big way.

It appears as though iPhone experts Steven Troughton Smith and chpwn have made a breakthrough in their efforts to get the new and improved version of Siri up and running on the older generation devices, specifically, the iPod Touch 4G. They claim to have it working for iPhone 4 as well. Take that Appholes!


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