It’s awesome when developers experiment with beta software. It often reveals many simple little ‘easter eggs’ that nobody was expecting to happen. I’m not sure whether this is a mistake or not, but it’s happening with iOS 6 beta1.

When I found out that the iPad didn’t have a stocks app built-in like the iPhone has had since day one, I was a bit taken a back by it. It seems to me the iPad would be an excellent investment tool, and having a stocks app just seems like common sense to me. Yet, despite my thoughts on the matter, Apple never included a stocks app on the iPad. Well, with iOS 6 installed, Siri will be able to bring it up, even if you can’t.

A reader at the iDownload Blog revealed to them that with iOS 6, there is a hidden Stocks application on the iPad. There is no icon for it, and you can’t search for it in the spotlight. It would appear as though Siri is the exclusive gatekeeper to the hidden application. Interesting:

Well this isn’t really a feature, it’s more of an Easter egg. On the iPad, if you ask Siri to “launch Stocks,” it opens the iPhone version of the app which isn’t even installed.

Check that out for yourself and let me know how it goes. If you can manage to get the stats to show up in Notification Center, that’d be another plus.

Then see if you can figure out how to launch a ghost weather app. It’s been missing a while too.

(via iDB)


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