Today on Setting up Your BlackBerry, I walk you through setting up a handy feature called Word Substitution. Word Substitution allows you to type one thing, and your BlackBerry will insert something else entirely. Example: “ht” could substitute in “HotTips”. You can make it substitute whole paragraphs with just a few clicks. So without any further hindrance let’s jump right into it.

The first step is of course getting to the menu so we are going to select options from the home screen.

Once in the menu, you are going to select “Typing and Language” and then “Word Substitution”

Here you’ll see a list of words and their substitutions. If you haven’t added any custom substitutions these are a list of words that are commonly misspelled and their correct replacements. It’s a pretty ingenious way of handling word corrections if you ask me.

So now we are going to add our own. There are no limits that I’ve encountered. If you for some reason have the need to post the same long paragraph of text a lot you can do it. So press “menu”, “new”. You are going to see a field for “replace” a field for “with” which is where you will fill in your custom substitution. I’m going to fill in an example here. In the “replace” field I put “tqbfjotld”, and in the “with” field I put “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”.

The “Using” field presents you with two options. “SmartCase” will detect if you are putting the substitution at the beginning of the sentence and capitalize what it needs to. “Specified case” will put it in as typed. The last field is for “language” and you can choose “All locales” or a specific language you have installed.

To test this out we are going to save our substitution by pressing menu, save. Next I’ll open up a blank message and try it out.

So now that you know what you are doing , come up your own substitutions. If you find yourself typing the same thing a lot let your BlackBerry do the work for you.

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