One thing we’d like to do at HotTips! is open up our demographic and topics to more people. We’d love the opportunity to share information with anyone, even outside the technology nich√©. One way we’re doing that, is by finding the right people that love to share information. People have a vast array of interests, and having the right people can fundamentally change the atmosphere of our organization.

I like that idea.

To do this, we’re (slowly) moving most posts that relate to specific topics into their own unique “mini-site” which will help bring those topics the attention they deserve. We have a lot of content related to games and apps, so those two are being given the priority for now when it comes to content migration. As new content comes onto the site, they’ll be automatically input into those new sections from this point on. This includes articles on cool gadgets and accessories in our Products section (coming soon), as well as a nifty “Jailbreaking” section, for all of you freedom-types out there.

I believe, much like human beings, topics love being around others that are closely related to them, or like them in some way. If you love hockey, you like the idea of being around other people who like hockey. You might not have much to talk about with a baseball fan, but other hockey fans will bring great interaction to the conversation. With this move, apps will be surrounded by other apps, and games will be around other games. It will bring an atmosphere to readers that they may have never experienced before on a “tech blog”, which is to have most content around them, relevant to them all the time.

If you stumble onto a website about a cool phone application, you apparently have a smart phone. Or perhaps a tablet or iPod touch. You have a device that supports apps, and you were interested in an app when you came online. – Would having other articles about Apple’s stock prices or Anonymous hacking a government website relate to your interests enough to get you to want to read more? Probably not, or at least not typically.

But since you’re shopping for apps… why not show you more apps that are featured here? – with Sections at HotTips!, this is exactly what you’ll eventually get.

The move will take a while, because we have over 550 articles on the site. When we’re done though, you’ll be presented with a much better interface for exploration, and some cool and enhanced graphical features as well that will bring your reading experience to an entirely new level. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

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