Samsung, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics hardware makers, recently reported earnings statistics for the second quarter. Turned out to be a great day.

In the second quarter of 2012, Samsung proudly announced that they sold 50.5 million smartphones. Apple, on the other hand, reported selling 26 million iPhones, which is half of Samsung for the three-month period. This makes Samsung the world’s top technology company in terms of revenue.

Although Apple still remains firmly in command of profit, and overall value, the South Korean company took firm advantage of the slowing pace of the iPhone, generating extremely large numbers in sales. Of course, Samsung also has a large variety of devices currently on the market, whereas Apple has only three devices which it actively sells (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS).

Much of the blame for this slight disappointment in Apple’s numbers comes from the overwhelming anticipation for Apple next iPhone, which is rumored to be announced officially sometime between late August and mid September, presumably at their annual iPod/music event. Of course, rising competition during this time has also been a heavy contributor to Apple’s less-than-satisfied suits on Wall Street.

According to Reuters, a report by research firm StrategyAnalytics shows Samsung taking 34.6 percent of the global smartphone market. Apple settled with 17.8 percent of the market. Nokia takes the third spot with 7 percent market share, selling 10.2 million smartphones.

The third quarter will likely also be a rough time for Apple, as they still will not have announced any new products until we begin heading into Q4. If there was ever a time for competitors to gain any advantage over this Cupertino, CA based tech giant, now would be the time

… because as soon as that next iPhone comes out… Apple will dominate Q4 with a single new device.


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