The Galaxy Tab 7.7 has been banned in Germany since September 2011, due to a court ruling that said the tablet breached several patents owned by Apple. For that same reason, the Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court ruled that the German ban be applied to all 27 EU member nations.

This isn’t anything new for Samsung, which has been dealing with similar matters for a while now. Samsung only said it was “disappointed” by the German ruling, and is focusing on protecting itself, including the possibility of further legal action.

But it’s not all bad news. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1N, which Apple was seeking a sales injunction against for allegedly stealing the iPad’s design, will not be sharing the same fate. The Dusseldorf court said that the design changes were great enough to differentiate the two products, and so the device, which was also under a sales ban, should be allowed in Germany.

This is only a week after a similar victory for Samsung in the U.K. Courts not only ruled that the Galaxy tablets didn’t steal from Apple’s designs, but also ordered Apple to place an advertisement on its U.K. site and in newspapers saying that Samsung did not steal from them. This was a countermeasure to the negative press Samsung had received due to the allegations.

Of course, the U.K. ruling, which includes the Galaxy Tab 7.7, contradicts the E.U. wide sales-ban, but there has yet to be full trials on the matter, and any of the rulings could be overturned.

Commenting on the legal mess, Samsung said that the issue is not Samsung’s designs, but rather Apple’s patents, which are for “generic design[s]” and are unfair. Apple has yet to comment.


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