[UPDATED: Turns out Lion has a function that makes it very easy to change it back. You can change the scrolling behaviour in Lion using System Preferences. Check/uncheck “Scroll direction: natural” under Mouse or Trackpad preferences] Special thanks to Saavykas in the comments for that correction]

When you use your laptop today, and need to scroll through a website, it’s pretty clear that you’ll be moving your fingers on that trackpad or magic mouse a specific way in order to allow the browser to do what you want. You’ll be going up to scroll up, and down to scroll down. Seems simple enough, right?

Well, with Mac OS X Lion, that simple fact is going to mess with your mind right out of the box. The commands are reversed.

This isn’t an accident either. Apple has done this on purpose in response to the positive feedback that they’ve received from users on their iOS devices. Their mentality is, a person should be able to move the page with their hands, not just tell it to do so. Normally, I would agree with that, seeing as though the iOS is a touch screen, and my fingers really can touch the page. On the Mac, however, this just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I can’t physically touch the page on my Mac. Well, I suppose if I want smudges I can, but I can’t actually move the browser up and down with my fingers. I have to use a trackpad, which is NOT designed to “touch the page to make it move” like the iPhone is. The trackpad (and touch command based Magic Mouse) is meant to “command” the page to move. It has worked for a long time now, and Apple is going to go and reverse everything.

This applies to horizontal scrolling as well as vertical. It’s going to be a movement as if you are physically moving the page, which is reversed to what we are used to now.

Think about if everyone did things like this in our life. What if the US Government just decided one day to switch everybody over to the metric system in the states? While this would make more sense than our current “Standard” system, it would confuse people here to the point of instant chaos.

The consequences of Lion’s scrolling reversal isn’t nearly as big of a deal as all that, but it may still effect you. Luckily, there is a cure! There is one simply thing you need to get to make things all back to, quite literally, “normal.” It’s called Scroll Reverser!

Scroll Reverser is a very easy, very small user script that is installed in very short time. It sits up in the status bar of your Mac, and does one simple thing: Reverses your scrolling back to the way it once was! If you find that you don’t want it anymore, deleting it was just as easy as installing it. Simply grab the application, stick it in the trash, and empty it. Pretty slick.

You can find the application on the developer website by CLICKING HERE.

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