Don’t you just hate when you have low memory due to all the crap given by the carriers? Want an easy way to remove it to make your phone faster and have more memory? You came to the right place!

First of all, your device needs to be rooted for this to work. If you want to root it with the click of a button, Click Here.
To root your G2, click Here.
If you have an HD2 that you want to run on Android, click Here to follow my easy guide!

After your device is rooted, open the Market. Search “App Manager” from your device or click Here to install it OTA (Over-The-Air).

Open the app and allow SuperUser to accept the request.

Click the app you want to delete and press delete! Simple as that!

All in all, it is easy to do, but don’t go to crazy with it!

NOTE: We do not accept any responsibility if anything happens to your phone. It can become bricked, non-functional or anything. You assume all risks and will proceed without any warranties or guarantees.Make sure you don’t delete important apps that run with the phone such as the dialer or contacts. Your phone will not load up and WILL require a hard reset.

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