Remember playing Pinball as a kid? I remember spending a lot of hours trying to get that top score at the ice rink I used to play hockey at, just so I could say “That’s me! Beat that!” to my friends. Real Pinball HD by ASK Homework can let you re-live those days, even if you never actually lived it once! :D

Real Pinball HD is the fourth release from the makers of the best pinball games available in the App Store, Ask Homework. The game will even show you the fingerprint smudges and stuff on the glass top. It’s detail oriented, and the attempt at making it real shows.

Ask Homework brings us this new Pinball game with an “X-Games” themed experience. Just like their previous release, Real Pinball HD – Vampire, you have the option to use a slow-motion feature, allowing you to gain super-player abilities and slow down the course of time to your liking for a little bit, and you can even cheat a little more and rewind time a few seconds, in case that little stainless-steel punk starts to fall behind the flipper.

If you aren’t into cheating, and you’d rather play the game the right way and all, you can obviously do that as well. Players will enjoy two gameplay modes for this title, Arcade mode, and Simulator Mode. In Arcade Mode, you can use the slow motion and rewind feature and the ball moves just a hair slower. In Simulation Mode, you don’t get the cheats and the ball moves in a much more realistic way. It is faster and bounces off of things with more power. That’s the mode for me, since I like to actually test myself. :D

The visual effects, which have been placed very well to make it as realistic as possible, are actually my favorite feature of the game. I really do appreciate game designers that take the time for details, and Ask Homework has done just that. The tabletop is smudged like it’s been touched by greasy fingers, and wiped down too many times. The spinning ball has excellent realism to it, with little blue swirls. They’ve even placed background sound effects in there to make it feel as though you’re not just playing a game, but really hanging out in some public place that has other people in it. You will regularly hear bottles being opened and people talking over the game’s music soundtrack. They even chipped the paint on the tracks where the ball frequents, reminding you that this system has been there for a while. It’s very cool, and any Pinball enthusiast will appreciate the dedication that went into it.

Of course, the game will be scored like any real pinball setup you’ve played before, with bonuses for hitting bumpers and lights going off when you do something cool. There are also options for six different camera angles, and I would encourage you to try them all, just in case one fits you better than the others.

Throughout the course of the game, you have the chance to unlock five different bonuses, all of which score you a million points.

For the price, it’s honestly a pretty good deal, if you like pinball. I do, so I find it to be a great deal. Doesn’t mean you will… but I’d recommend it to people for sure. Actually, I just did. Click the “View App” button to read more on the App Store.

Oh, and if you do buy it… tell me your high score. I’m always up for a challenger! Loser buys the beers!

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