Quantic Dream and David Cage revealed their new tech KARA @ Game Developers Conference 2012 (GDC 2012). The video featured above is a demonstration of a new motion demo (motor), which showcases the real capabilities of our existing gaming consoles.

 Dream’s new tech demo is fantastic, as you can see, and they’ve put a great deal of time in on the mini-plot for the demo as well. It’s important to point out that this isn’t actually any game that’s on the market, or even currently in development, although I think I speak for many of you as well when I say I wish it was. I’d love to see what happens next.

The capabilities of our technology today is astonishing, According to Quantic Dream, the footage “is a prototype running in real time on PlayStation 3.″

That’s right, I said Playstation 3, not some new Playstation 4 console from the future. Our consoles are capable of doing this right now. This is great visuals and smooth movement, and it’s designed to work for the power of the Playstation 3. I hear some people asking me when the Playstation 4 will be released, but I ask to you now, “do we really need it?”

On a side note, how far away are we from having these types of robots anyways?


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