If you don’t like the download method… you’re just weird. It’s just far too easy to not like. However, if you have multiple Macs, I can totally understand your griping. Having to download Lion on each Mac individually would be a pain for those who have multiple computers, and since Lion comes from the Mac App Store, it counts as an App… This means you can install it on up to FIVE authorized computers with one purchase. Nice!

If you haven’t heard of Lion, and would like to know more CLICK HERE for our explanation.

But having to download it on five computers wouldn’t be very efficient, and likely would be annoying, especially if you have workstations without an internet connection (professional workstations are sometimes not connected to a network, for security reasons). With those workstations, you just aren’t going to get Lion, unless you get a disc, or buy a USB-installed version from Apple in August.

There is hope though, and it’s actually pretty easy. Here’s how you can take that one single download you had, and create a bootup DVD installable version for Lion.

This will then work like all previous versions of the Mac OS. You’ll be able to slip the DVD into any of your other authorized Mac computers and install Lion in as little as 30 minutes.

NOTE: You must create the disk BEFORE you install Lion. The installer containing the disk image will delete itself once Lion is installed, so you must create the disk image before installing, OR copy that disk image for burning after installation.

OK… Here we GO!


You’re going to need three things for this tutorial:

  • You’ll need a blank DVD disc (single layer will work)
  • A DVD-burner, or a computer with a Superdrive.
  • An Apple ID, with access to the Mac App Store (Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or later)

(Please note that you shouldn’t attempt installing this on any Mac with that disc. Use this on Macs that are authorized on your iTunes account (you get up to 5 authorized computers total).

Okay, with those things in hand…


Step 1: Grab Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store by CLICKING HERE!

Step 2: Once you’re all set with that, find the installer that was just downloaded to your computer. It’ll likely be in your “Applications” folder. Once you’ve got that, right-click (or secondary-click) the file, and select “Show Package Contents.”

Step 3: In the Contents folder, you’ll find another folder labeled “Shared Support.” Upon entering this directory, you’ll land in a place where “InstallESD.dmg” can be found. That’s what we’re looking for!

Step 4: At this point, you’ll need to copy that “InstallESD.dmg” file to another location. I suppose the desktop is the easiest, but anywhere other than inside that app will work.

Step 5: With the .dmg file out of that app (copied not moved), You can proceed with the DVD creation process. Open up Disk Utility (spotlight search is the fastest way to open it) from your Utilities folder, and Click the BURN button at the top. This is the yellow and black circle button.

Step 6: Disk Utility is now going to ask you to locate the file you want to burn. Navigate to the directory which you placed the copied .dmg, and select it (I put it on the desktop). It’s a GREAT idea to put that blank-DVD media into your drive now, if you haven’t already (you can do it ay any time)

Step 7: Hit “BURN” and let the process go. When it’s finished, and verified, you’ll have a Brand new Mac OS X Lion installation disk that can be used on all Macs which support the software.

If you have any questions, you can post questions to our forums here, or visit us on Facebook for answers as well.

(via Eggfreckles.net)

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