Being a mobile tech enthusiast, I frequently switch phones. I usually use either a BlackBerry or an iPhone. Up until recently I was on AT&T. This was great for me because I could easily switch devices via SIM card, and get unlocked devices if I so chose. I even had a micro-sim adapter to help with my frequent changing from the iPhone. I made the decision to switch to Verizon because of constant trouble getting calls to connect. The downside of using BlackBerry and iPhone on Verizon is that I don’t just get to switch out SIM cards and go. CDMA devices must be programmed over-the-air. For a regular user they will only have to do this once over a few years, but for people like me it is very frequent. For phones other than the iPhone you must first log in to the online site and navigate to the “Activate/Switch Device” menu. Then plug in the new devices MEID number, and then start the OTA programming.

I’ve found on the iPhone, that it is much easier. (This may not be the same on C-Spire or Sprint) I can skip all the online stuff and simply start by dialing *228 from the iphone.

After you press one to activate the iPhone, it will ask you for the number you are calling about and the last four of the primary account holder’s social security number. After some more time your iPhone will be fully activated. You will probably see the signal bars got to searching as it resets everything.

You are now good to go. If you are a multi-device user like myself this information is invaluable.

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