Today I had the fun of attending Universal Studios Florida’s BIG announcement. Next summer (2013) Transformers The Ride 3D will be opening in Orlando. This ride is already open in Universal Hollywood and Singapore. Above you can see the announcement video as aired inside Universal Studios Florida. It “interrupted” the usual night time showing of “Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular” in a very well done way. Below you will see two examples of the teasers Universal played leading up to the announcement.


This is already one of the hottest attractions on the west coast, and now visitors in Florida will be able to experience it as well. Guests riding the new Transformers ride will board a brand new Autobot name EVAC, as they are thrown right into the battle to save the world from those nasty Decepticons. HotTips will be there next summer to check this ride out in it’s new location.

Just outside the theme park, Universal had Bumblebee and Optimus Prime out for press photos near the famous spinning Universal Globe. Pictured below is Mark Woodbury with the two autobots talking to members of the local media.

IMAGE SOURCE (Orlando United forum member BobWadd)

UPDATE: To keep Universal safe from the Decepticons through the weekend, NEST had Bumblebee stand guard at the entrance of Universal Studios Florida

To wrap things up I’ll leave you with the President of Universal Creative, Mark Woodburry, talking about Transformers in Orlando. Prepare for Battle!


Source: Universal Studios Florida,



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