When you update your Facebook status with any application, the app usually has a little tagline on it that displays to everybody that you’ve used that app to make the status. It’s a very easy way to gain a small bit advertising for your app with every post.

Apple recently integrated Facebook into iOS 6, and upon leaving a status update from my Notification Center (which isn’t using an app), Facebook displays that I’ve left the status using “iOS.” What’s more, is that upon clicking “iOS” under my name (if they were interested in what that was), the browser is redirected to http://apple.com/ios. It’s actually a pretty ingenious implementation, and was no doubt part of the terms of the agreement between Facebook and Apple.

What app do you currently use to post to Facebook? Do you think you’ll use the built-in posting system more often than an app? Given the speed and bugginess of the normal Facebook application, I find myself posting with that more and more as time goes on. I like it a lot.

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