I’ll keep the rambling to a minimum this time, and let the pictures do the talking. Modding consoles certainly isn’t new. I’ve seen an NES that doubles as a functioning toaster. But my favorite mods involve turning consoles into handhelds. It’s been done before, examples are all over the Internet, but I’ve never seen a mod this professionally made before.



Using only parts from the N64 and a controller (plus a lot of glue), this modder managed to make the N64 pretty. It features a great 7 in screen and a 6800 mA battery. It’s durable, too. In the video posted by its creator, he shakes it around as hard as he can while the system is on without disrupting gameplay. He manages to do so with one hand, meaning that it’s relatively lightweight.

Curious to build your own? The original article features a wiring schematic for the portable mod, as well as over a dozen pictures showing step by step how it was made. The only problem is that the article is in Spanish, but the schematic and pictures are self-explanatory. I’d love to get my hands on this. Most N64 mods can be purchased online, ranging from $500-$1000 in price, but this would cost less than $200 to make yourself.


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