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Vapor Production

A revolutionary device – simple and elegant. Real tobacco – no sticky e-juices,  just flavorful vapor.


The modelTwo by Ploom is the latest product released by the San Francisco tobacco company that provides a truly unique smoking experience. The modelTwo uses only real tobacco that is contained in pods and placed into the heating element on the device. Accessing the heating element is simple and effortless as it only requires a twist of the mouthpiece. Once a pod is loaded and the mouthpiece is screwed back into place, the device is turned on with a light press on the center button. Thirty seconds later the modelTwo is heated at 347 to 356 degrees fahrenheit and is ready to be smoked. Each pod lasts roughly 5-10 minutes and the device can utilize 4-5 pods per charge.


Can I use my own herbs in the device?

One of the biggest questions I see around the net is asking whether or not the user can stick their own herbs or “flowers” in the heating chamber. The answer? Yes, and no. Although it is possible to refill the pods with other herbs, you cannot directly fill the heating chamber with them. If you are to go about refilling a pod, you will need vegetable glycerin – a liquid(also the base for most e-cig juices) that is purchasable at Walgreens and Walmart. Combining two drops of Vegetable glycerin with the “flowers” of your choice provides for a very pleasing smoke. A video discussing how to do this can be seen here:

Vapor Production:

One of the device’s biggest cons is vapor production. Not only is it disappointing – it’s almost embarrassing. The production is easily comparable to a cheap 5$ disposable e-cig from your local gas station.


Although vapor production is weak, the device packs one hell of a punch when it comes to the buzz. With as much as I smoke (Close to half a pack a day), I expected very little as far as a “headrush” or “buzz” goes. Man was I wrong – this thing had me feeling like I had never smoked a cigarette my entire life. The vapor produced gave a very relaxing and laid-back buzz time after time.


With this one, it all comes down to personal preference. I wasn’t completely impressed with any of the flavors as they all have a very distinct tobbaco base taste with an added flavoring. This distinct tobacco base taste is extremely strange and it tasted like bloody hell. Over the use of about 10-15 pods, I got very used to the taste and began to enjoy it, but that first drag is close to unbearable.


The big question: Does it smell?

Answer: Yes – like complete shit. The base taste comes along with a lovely base smell. Although it is quite stinky, it is only vapor and it is present no longer than 5-10 minutes.


The company offers the modelTwo in two sleek colors, Pearl (White) and Slate (Charcoal Grey). The base model includes the vaporizer itself and a charger. Ploom also offers a modelTwo Starter Kit which includes everything found with the base model as well as four packs of the companies specific tobacco pods. A case for the device is also included with the purchase of the Starter Kit. Although the case is flimsy, it looks sleek – as seen below.


Tobacco pods are very expensive considering each pod = one cigarette. 12 pods will cost you $9.00. In contrast to cigarettes, that’s $1.30 a stogie. Wow you better have a six figure salary to be caught smoking one of these suckers.

The prices below are linked to Ploom’s website and will navigate you to each product: 

Base Model (Vaporizer/Charger only) $39.95 + Shipping

modelTwo Starter Kit (Vaporizer, charger, four packs of pods, and a carrying case) $65.95 – Free Shipping

Ploom Tobacco Pods (Individual Packs) 8.99  + Shipping


Although it’s sexy and satisfying, I can’t say that this device lives up to any of the hype surrounding it. I’m not impressed, but who knows – you might be. We all have our opinions.

In-depth video review:

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