Sorry to get you all worked up for nothing, but it’s true. Sony has switched on the Playstation Network once again, after it being down for so long! Sony, if you may not have remembered, got their network hacked a long time ago, and has rebuilt a lot of shit to get it back. The hackers stole all personal account information from over 2.2 million people, including credit card numbers and expiration dates (they did not get the three digit security codes though, and all data was encrypted). The hackers even released a CHAT LOG of them talking about it!

A few weeks ago, they even gave everyone an estimate of when it would return. They didn’t meet that goal, but the good news is things are starting to look much better. Gamers are starting to get upset big time on this issue, and lots of them have even started trading in their Playstation 3 consoles for XBOX 360 Consoles! (Read more).

On May 10th, Sony apologized to people once again for the network being down, and asked for some patience while they do some more testing… it seems this is some of that testing.


The report came from a forum thread at NeoGAF which tells us all about how some people with developer accounts can access certain functions of the network, when the rest of us cannot:

Only time will tell when we can really get back to gaming again. It does look as if we are getting close though! I hope they find it possible to release the PSN from this horrible spell it’s been going through, so that I can once again sit on my lazy ass and “pwn some noobs” for hours every night! We’ll be sure to tell you guys as soon as it comes back online, right here! I’m watching this thing super close!


UPDATED: Sony is now bringing it back online for EVERYONE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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