Google Plus STILL isn’t public for everybody yet (but we’ll update ya once it is).

One thing that has recently been added is a “Games” tab to their service which, similarly to Facebook, allows users to play games on the network. Of course when I say they “don’t suck,” I do not mean they are awesome. I simply mean that the movements and reliability of the games on Google Plus are more fluid, and feel smoother. On that note, I’ll have to end the praise of gaming on social networks… because I think it’s stupid.

Google hopes to greatly increase the interactivity of their users with these games, and to provoke more time on the site. Their hopes could be that you’ll stick around if you have something to do, which isn’t really going to work… because less than half of the Google Plus early adopters are still around.

Reason? It’s still not open to the public, as a network that allows open registration without an invite. Lame.

Will social gaming really matter on Google Plus? I have no idea, because I don’t play the games on Facebook either. I can assume many people will love it, and even give money to it (like those silly Farmville people).

Also.. another “positive” important note that’s worth mentioning: There is no Farmville on Google Plus (yet).

You can access the available games from Google Plus by clicking the new icon in your little navigation bar inside the network window:

The games also display privacy settings when you go to play them, just like Facebook, which tells you exactly how Google Plus Games will be using your information to connect with other people in the gaming world.

You also have the option to allow the information of your account to be access by the application. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus actually gives you the direct contact info of the Application developer (which, in turn, allows you to find them directly on Google Plus). While this is great when it comes to enhancing trust between apps and consumers, this safeguard feature could still easily be avoided with the simple creation of a dummy account, which develops then gets named as the author of the app. It’s still not perfect, but if a user was to find the developer, and realizes that is a dummy account, it would help them in their decision to not share their info with the devious and disgusting excuse for a human being that’s attempting to steal and profit from their info (like on Facebook). Overall… I suppose this is a good thing for Google Plus. Good luck guys.

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