I don’t know if you’ve heard of the latest craze around the interwebs, but it’s a little site known as Pinterest. For those not familiar with it, let’s take a closer look.

The most popular theme around the web, largely thanks to Facebook, is sharing information with other people. More specifically, it’s the act of staying in touch with your friends (Facebook), and putting your interests out into the open so that similar-minded people can find you too (social networking). That’s the purpose of Twitter anyways; to stay connected to your interests. Perhaps staying connected with friends, and following the topics that you’re interested in isn’t quite enough? Introducing Pinterest.

Pinterest, as defined by the site itself, is a “virtual pinboard.” It’s designed to allow people to “organize and share all the beautiful things on the web,” as if this capability wasn’t already so forced upon the digital realm enough already. What makes Pinterest unique though, is its interface and the user experience it gives. By simply looking at the site, you’ll be hit with an endless stream of photos and videos that people around the world have “pinned” already. Despite being invitation only, Pinterest has been named the fastest growing startup in history, having hit over 10 million unique visitors faster than any standalone site ever, according to TechCrunch. This is likely disputed in several places, especially for those familiar with how fast Formspring grew

One thing that will also stand out when visiting this startup in overdrive, is that there are virtually no men using it. Attempting to find “a pin” by a guy is actually a chore (although, chances are now that I’ve written this, some dude makes it right at the top. Go figure). The site says, on it’s “About” page, that people use Pinterest to “plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.” That’s nice and all, but how many men actually do this sort of thing on a regular basis? How many guys out there actually takes interest in this kind of stuff? As it turns out, not many.

Granted, there are likely plenty of men that think about recipes, and remodeling their homes. Hell, there might even be a helpless chap out there wondering about parts for their wedding (which is me pretty soon), but how many feel the uncontrollable urge to pin the damn thing on a wall all the time? Not surprisingly, Pinterest hasn’t really taken off with the dudes. Most likely it’s because there aren’t many dudes, and the more dudes that join the site, the more content there will be for them on the site. Pretty easy really.

Girls likely don’t mind though. It allows the site to flourish with all the content that they care most about. The latest fashion trends get pinned, wedding dresses, cakes and deserts, interesting artwork, hairstyle ideas, and cute puppies. Why not keep going back, if you don’t have to the clutter of masculinity getting in your way?

I suppose the site takes the concept of sharing your interests a new way, and I wish them the best. I just don’t see myself ever really getting involved in it. Girls… you can have this one. I concede.

Does anybody here use Pinterest? If not, did I just ruin the rest of your free time by introducing you to it? I apologize in advance….

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