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ThemeKingdom has created an effective and simple design that delivers a smooth and attractive aesthetic for all visitors. With the addition of WooCommerce, the reasons for any artist or photographer to use this WordPress theme far outweigh the limitations of the template. If your needs fit the specific criteria and reach that this theme grasps towards, it's an excellent purchase decision.

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Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing a new WordPress theme named Photex, an awesome WordPress theme for photographers and artists to showcase and sell their work Let’s get started!

What is Photex?

Photex is developed by ThemeKingdom, a veteran development company with well over a dozen themes published to date. In the case of Photex, the theme features a fresh responsive layout that is perfect for artists and photographers to showcase their work, which just pops out at you so well on a mobile phone. The theme showcases photos and art pieces in a dynamic grid that sizes well with any width browser. All of that, and I still haven’t even mentioned Woocommerce integration yet, which provides the perfect companion utility for a photography WordPress theme.

What’s great about Photex?

Photex is an excellent companion for anyone hoping to showcase their work, and sell it too. The grid layout is dynamic and highly responsive to changes in browser widths. Each gallery item has a great single-item display, which gives not only details on the specific image, video, or product for sale, but also allows for seamless navigation from one item to the next.

One of the most wonderful parts of Photex is how it treats grouped galleries. Your front page can display entire galleries within the space, having completely separate galleries represented by one image on the page. As an added bonus, the theme will load more galleries as you scroll down the front and gallery pages, creating an “infinite scroll” effect on parts of the theme.

In addition to the stylistic benefits of the Photex, this photography WordPress theme also comes with powerful function to compliment it. The navigation menu pops out on the left side, flat and slightly transparent, revealing a very modern navigation that’s even carried over to be consistent on mobile devices. The top-right corner of the window also boasts a handy pop-out email form to supplement a contact page, and a cart button for your customers to keep track of any orders they wish to make.

There is also a “full-screen” gallery option that you can employ with this theme as well. This has its benefits, but also a UX flaw at the same time. The images will show as large as the browser window, and will be touch-responsive as well. You can just flip through the photos like you would your own iPhone or Android camera roll photos. On the downside, there’s a small detail section in the lower area of these images while you browse them that you cannot get rid of. This may not be a very big deal for photos every time, but it greatly reduces my experience viewing videos. I want so badly to get rid of it, but I simply can’t.

That is pretty much the only downside I can see with this theme that falls outside the obvious….

What’s “not so great” about Photex?

The theme is an amazing template for artists and photographers to use. A good photography WordPress theme is hard to come by, especially if you wish to gain more utility. That being said, the purpose and function of this template pretty much stops there. The benefits of what this theme can do for you with this single purpose is a bit downplayed by the lack of any other function it can serve.

For more information on Photex, and to try out all of the demos for this diverse theme yourself, visit the Photex product page here. I hope this review has been thorough enough for you. Thanks for watching, and feel encouraged to leave your own feedback on this theme in the comments below! :)

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