When Pebble was on Kickstarter, I donated to the cause. I really liked the idea of having a watch that could communicate with my phone, and tell me information from it. Even better, was the ability to do simple things like reading a text message, while I ride my motorcycle. You simply don’t understand how wonderful it is to know an update or a change of plans about a meeting or about a group of friends getting together while you’re on a motorcycle. It’s a wonderfully secure feeling.

Today, it’s been announced that Pebble has been updated now with full iOS 7 compatibility, and brings with it all of the features that us loyal Kickstarter backers knew would be in our future if we only waited long enough. That day is finally here.

Before, Pebble would tell me when I got a phone call, displaying caller information data and allowing me to answer it or decline it right from the watches buttons. It would also let me read text messages from my wrist, or change my music. Then, Pebble introduced email compatibility on iPhone, after dealing with some software development obstacles that didn’t exist on the Android platform. They found some rather annoying ways around it, but I still got emails when they released that ability.

Aside from a few third-party apps and games that were developed for it, that’s about it. Pebble was a simple device that did simple things. Today, however, Pebble has been turned up full blast, and will now display notifications from what appears to be any application that supports the push function (which, by now, is everything… even apps that don’t need to). That means that the score of the game can be sent to the watch while you work now, or I can finally get turn-by-turn navigation while on my bike! Totally worth every penny now.

i don’t know if this makes you want a Pebble any more than you did before, but it sure makes me appreciate the one I got a whole lot more. The update is set to come out for the public in as soon as a couple weeks, so look for the update to the Pebble app then, and enjoy!

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