[UPDATE: It would appear that this dangerous application has been pulled from the Android Market shortly after people started talking about it. It is, unfortunately, still available on the web, and can still easily be installed onto Android devices. It is still recommended that you use CLOAK to protect yourself whenever you are connected to a network outside of your control.]

As the guy says in the video below… this is scary stuff.

Even if you are on a secure network, or browsing a secure site (https), there is an Android application that is available for free that will allow people to steal your secure login information, just by being connected to the same network as you.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially on public WiFi networks like a Starbucks or McDonald’s. It could happen at school, at work, while shopping, or any other situation where somebody else is on the same network as you.

The mere fact that this is allowed into the Android Market is enough to make me question Google all together. How could they allow such a dangerous weapon? There is no practical usage to a packet sniffer, aside from stealing information, and harming other people. What’s worse about it, is that you don’t even have to have any technical knowledge to use it. Simply downloading the application, and opening it starts the software, which can be referred to as a “packet sniffer,” a piece of software that “sniffs” out digitally transmitted packets of information and captures them out of the air.

The application works very quickly, and requires the user to do nothing but sit back and wait, as demonstrated in the video below by ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy.


He demonstrates a way for Macs and iPhones to protect themselves from this. I encourage you all to get this app to protect yourselves immediately.


and there is instructions on getting the MAC APP HERE.

… He’s right… Scary stuff.

(Image Credit: Adam Eustice)

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