Many people do not like Windows Mobile because it’s slow, freezes a lot, or whatever the case may be. For people that love customization, I introduce the new NAND install Android thanks on behalf of the members of the XDA.

To start off, you need a an HD2 that accepts custom software. Follow this guide Here.
Also, you need to update the Radio to which can be downloaded Here.
MagLoader which can be downloaded Here.
NAND Android ROM which can be found in the XDA NAND ROM thread Here.

In this tutorial, I will flash the Nexus One ROM (It flashes pretty quick)

After everything is download and your HD2 is ready to accept custom installations, you may proceed

We do not accept any responsibility if anything happens to your phone. It can become bricked, non-functional or anything. You assume all risks and will proceed without any warranties or guarantees.

1. Flash the radio. Turn the phone off and put the phone in bootloader by holding the Volume Down button and the Power button together. Open CustomRUU and follow the steps and flash it.

2. Flash the Mag Loader. Put the phone in bootloader again and open the ROMUpdateUtility and follow the steps.

3. After the phone loads up Mag Loader, press the Volume Down button until you get to #4 (USB Flasher) and press the Call button (Green button)

4.  Go to the ROM you downloaded and run DAF.

5. Wait a few minutes and enjoy your new Android phone!

Here is a video you can watch step by step!

HotTips! – Overwrite Windows Mobile Completely with Android on the T-Mobile HTC HD2

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