Kickstarter is a fantastic place for innovative ideas to find the funding they require to really become revolutionary. There have been dozens of amazing products that you likely use today which got it’s start by gaining support from people just like you on Kickstarter. Products like The Glif, a tripod head for your mobile device, and TPB AFK (The Pirate Bay “Away From Keyboard”), a documentary film created for a passionate audience. Kickstarter helps film projects with great causes and ambition get funding, helps inventors get their creativity noticed, and helps artists get their names out there with funding for more creative projects.

There are many brilliant ideas on Kickstarter, and one such idea is Node, an augmentation project which adds sensors to the iPhone. It’s a project that allows everyone to “explore the fun and power of sensors” no matter their level of knowledge of computers and technology. The cool accessory communicates with the iPhone 4S and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. For those who love being energy efficient, Node utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 for those devices that support it.

In its “Kore”  you’ll find the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer. These are, believe it or not, it’s most elementary level (basic) sensors. On each end, you’ll see two modules that are interchangable. Each module, if they receive the funding they need, will be a Luma sensor, which is essentially 8 LED ights that you can use as a flashlight, and can sync with a camera to use as a flash. On the other end, there’ll be a Clima sensor, which will measure cool little measurments around you such as wind speed, barometric pressure, temperature, and humdity. There are a wide variety of situations in which this would come in handy, as you can imagine.

“BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!” – The creators of Node have much more in store for their customers. An Oxa sensor is in store as well, which will detect the density of various gases in an area. Don’t find that useful? The sensor will enable your mobile device to detect dangerous quantities of such things as carbon monoxide, a “silent killer” which claims the lives of 500 people each year on average, according to the CDC.

Here are a few videos. You can get more information about Node on their Kickstarter project page here.

If you’re a person that praises openness and software freedom, you’ll be happy with Node. There is great promise for developers to jump onto the project, with an Open API, Open Firmware, Open Source Code. Check it out.

GET INVOLVED! DONATE TO NODE TODAY! There are still 8 days left to help them out!!


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