With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (also called E3) just days away, everyone who has any interest in gaming is looking to the web for any information they can get their hands on regarding the latest hardware and software innovations from today’s gaming giants. The three-day conference is scheduled to take place June 5-7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. However, despite such a huge event being right around the corner, Nintendo has decided to “jump the gun” a little bit, and release some information to fans early.

We suspect they’ll be talking a bit about their new Wii U, which details have been quite scarce for so far. Nintendo’s real press conference will actually take place Tuesday at the Expo, but some believe this pre-expo event could be a way of Nintendo getting some attention outside of the giant news frenzy. With the public still a bit foggy on what Nintendo’s future plans are for the gaming industry, Nintendo could be looking to clear the air a bit, and give us some insight into what they’ve been working on all this time.

Their timing is probably great for the event exhibitors as well. Nintendo is likely pushing to make some announcements so that venders are able to discuss their Wii U offerings without the worry of disclosing sensitive Wii U hardware information. This way, the specs would be public, and the venders can push out more information about their products.

The one-hour video event will be shown at this website tomorrow at 6pm Eastern. We’ll be right here with all the juicy details, just in case you have to work.

(via Joystiq)


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