See that little guy sitting there on the stand to the right? That’s a black console, which Nintendo likely put there on purpose to get us excited in knowing that we don’t need a white console in our living rooms if we don’t want one. The controller in the screenshot is also black, so Nintendo will definitely be giving us options right away.

Also pictured, you can see how the video chat system works between Wii consoles. Nintendo introduced the Miiverse yesterday with a wide variety of awesome features that comes with it, including social interactions with players around the world, and instant communication with others who are in similar gaming situations. If you haven’t read up on what the Miiverse is all about, CLICK THIS LINK to head over and see our detail gallery tour.

If you haven’t checked out the video from whence this screenshot came from, it’s the short film Nintendo put together to advertise the product during their Sunday Pre-E3 conference stream. You can check out the details on that, along with a reaction by CLICKING HERE.

If you’d like to watch the conference event in it’s entirety, it’s available to see by CLICKING HERE.

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