Nintendo whipped out their pre-E3 guns today in a one-hour streaming introduction to their new console: Wii U. We’ll have lots of details on that with the rest of our E3 coverage as time passes.

Among the announcements today was the Wii U Pro controller, which is essentially a standalone classic pad that looks very similar to controls found with other consoles, such as the XBOX and PS3. The controllers have the classic diamond arrangement of buttons, and two joysticks which are also clickable. There are two shoulder buttons for shooting frenzies, and a Home button to access features on Wii U.

Only one Wii U tablet controller (the main controller) can connect with the console at a time, so don’t go thinking you’ll be able to play exclusively with these on the system. Nintendo is providing alternative controls for users to play with as a result, which will also appeal to many other gamers who prefer the controller’s style over the new design.

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