This Thursday, the beautifully made Walking Dead game is being ported to Apple devices. It’ll be called Walking Dead: The Game (big surprise there), and the first of five episodes will only be $4.99 for the iPad 2, the new iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and 4th Generation iPods and above.

Telltale Games said that they’ve spent a lot of time and effort integrating their new interface design to make controlling Lee Everett a smooth transition to the touch screen. You’ll have full control at investigation points, action sequences, and more.

Although the gameplay is episodic, the decisions you make carry over to the next episode whenever you choose to buy it. Speaking of which, you have two purchasing options. Buy each game individually, or, after buying the first episode, pre-purchase the rest of the series for $14.99. Granted, it only saves you $5, and you’ll be making a commitment to a game that might not be quite as awesome all the way through, but I have confidence in the quality continuity, so I’ve already set money aside for the whole series.

UPDATE: The game has been released on the App Store. Grab it yourself with the button below!


The second episode is still in development, but it is “rapidly approaching release” as well, and confirmation will be at Telltale Games’ website.


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