If you’ve ever played a Maxis game on your computer such as The Sims, or SimCity (really anything with “Sim” in the name), you know of its addictive qualities for millions of people around the world. Throughout its time creating such games, Maxis has been adding additional content, enhancing graphics, and with each new release, presenting us with even more realism than previous editions. On Friday, Maxis announced that their new edition of SimCity is set to be released February 2013. This will be the first real major overhaul of the SimCity series in over ten years.

The goal behind SimCity has always been easy to conceptualize, but very difficult to master. Maxis does a great job of presenting us with a game that follows fundamental principles that challenge gamers to think critically about situations in a real-world setting. Users aim to please their Sims (people within your city) by providing them with enough clean water and air, jobs, and entertainment. Simultaneously, gamers needed to be aware of various city planning problems that occur when running a city, such as zoning for development, economy, and handling disasters. The positive effect the game had for me is the education elements of budgets and management of resources.


In this newest release, Maxis enhances what was already a great game by bringing in a smarter simulation. Graphics are incredibly better than previously (as they should be), and the user’s system is not only more complete, but more precise and full of detail. From physically being able to see dirty water in a water tank, to knowing a sim in a specific vehicle is sick when they are driving home from work, the new SimCity is sure to be an amazing improvement.

Have you ever played SimCity before? Where you a fan? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.

(image credit: IGN)


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