What do you think? A sequel to the first Silent Hill movie, and based off of the third game, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D looks like it could be an improvement to the first movie. At the same time, though, it looks like it could flop.

The one thing plaguing horror movies in my opinion is the desire to be sexy. So when I see a young, hot blonde as the main character, I worry. It’s not that I dislike attractive women, it’s just that movies that focus on being pretty aren’t real. Real people aren’t always so pretty. And when you put real people in horror situations, it’s much easier to be scared because the audience had more of a connect with whomever is being chased or suffering on the screen. Granted, there’s a real contrast between the pretty female lead and the grimy citizens of the titular Silent Hill.

Obviously by the title, the movie will be in 3D. I’ve seen a few good 3D movies. I’ve seen a lot of bad movies that use 3D as an excuse to be lax on story, characters, acting, and generally everything else that makes a movie.

There’s not much to go on from the trailer other than that the special effects seem very good. The producers of the first movie are coming back, but not the same director. Considering I didn’t really like the first movie, I can’t tell if that means the weak link from the first movie is gone or sticking around.

So is anyone looking forward to it? The video games are mostly good, and the mythos provides a lot to borrow from. Is there anything scarier than Pyramid Head?


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