Mitt Romney, who has all but achieved the Republican presidential nomination for the 2012 presidential race, has had an iPhone app released for him by his campaign staff. Turns out, they are very detail oriented.

Except that little typo. It’s not really a huge deal, seeing as though mistakes do happen, but you’ll likely be hearing about this for a while from your nightly comedians and Comedy Central news programs. Also Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and… well, everyone else.

It should be pointed out that the app wasn’t released by Mitt himself, and that he in all likeliness could easily spell “America” properly on request (especially now). It does show the type of people he’s got working for him though, and how detail oriented his campaign staff really is.

It’s just negative press, but in the end, voters should look at what he stands for way before looking at this.

The app, which is still on the App Store right now, is basically a “Mittstagram” app, allowing people to take pictures through the app on their phones in which a watermark for Mitt’s candidacy will be placed on it.

Basically… it’s a really stupid app.


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