UPDATE #1: The date listed in the video, “September 30, 2011,” appears to be an individual date. It was taken as a “public release” because of how I interpreted the wording of the statement at the top of the window when I activated the feature. The statement I’m referring to is found in THIS PHOTO. This feature did not actually go live for all of you on September 30, 2011. Facebook says on their blog that Timelines will be activated “in a few weeks”, a post which was made on September 22, 2011. Another member of our community has said that their date in the header (same location as the photo) actually stated October 5, 2011 instead. Because of that, It’s not my belief that this date at the top of the window is an actual activation date. The update is meant to correct statements made in this blog post, as well as the videos we have here showing a tour of the place. There are quite a few sites that believed this as well, and some people even made videos like mine stating the same thing. I don’t believe this to be correct anymore. Sorry about misleading you. You’ll hopefully get these features soon, but I can no longer say confidently that these features will come on September 30th for everyone.

UPDATE #2: Facebook has announced that they will force your profile to adopt Timeline.

—–Now onto the original article. Enjoy!—–

Facebook changes are usually unwelcome to the masses when they first launch. People in general are not accepting of change, regardless of whether it’s for the best. In this case, I feel it’s totally for the best. Facebook’s new features, and especially those which are coming soon. In fact, this update is HUGE and will change everything about how to interact with Facebook.

I know what you’re thinking too… “but Charlie… I just learned how this one works! Why are they always changing things!!”

You have a valid point. Now think back at the last time they changed stuff. Did you hate it then? Sooner or later, people warm up to new changes. Finding the right concoction of intuitive feature sets, especially on networks of this magnitude, is what Facebook has always been great at with their web platform. Granted, they do have their flaws, such as the new chat bar not simply showing those who are online, or the comments feature being screwed up. Overall though, Facebook knows what they are doing, and they understand that its human nature to resist change. They are looking at the long-term, and they are looking at a much larger scale then you are, so be sure that you’ll likely warm up to it.

I’ve warmed up to this already, and I just now did it. In fact, I made a video of when I transformed my profile into this new system. Come on the journey with me, and lets discover what is new from Facebook!


The features will go live for everyone on September 30, 2011. When they do, you’ll have access to a bunch of really cool new ways of interaction. You’ll likely find out, like I did in this video, that the new layout promotes sharing in a whole new way, and it also can bring back memories from the past. The pictures I was seeing as I was scrolling down brought back a lot, and I almost stop talking to look at them. Of course, I quickly remember that I’m making a video, and continue on.

What are your thoughts? I find this to be great. One thing is for certain… you are going to hear negative reactions from people at first. It’s going to happen, because it always happens when massive amounts of people experience sudden change. What you need to do though, is use it. Dive right into it and give it a chance. I think you’ll find that it works well, and maybe, just maybe… you’ll actually like it like I do.



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