Facebook is offering a lot of changes, and among them all will be a huge overhaul to their personal profiles. In this video series, we’ll walk you through the various elements and features of the new Facebook. We’ll discuss timelines, applications, activity feeds, where your friends and photos are located, the new Cover Art enabled banners, and much more. This series may get expanded as needed in the future, if the need should arise, and I notice questions being asked about Facebook which haven’t been covered in the videos below.

One thing to note, is that the videos are a bit long, but they are thorough. I’ve covered everything within them that I believe actually matters. There are likely things I’ve missed though, so that will come in the future. If you have noticed an interesting aspect of the new Facebook that hasn’t been covered, and you’d like to explain it, please let me know in the comments below, and we’ll feature your video here as well. The goal isn’t to get a huge number of views on videos… I don’t care about views. We aren’t making money or anything off them anyways, aside from subscribers (which is cool I guess). Either way, I can shamelessly say you should surely share this video series with any friends you find that are confused and perhaps upset about these Facebook changes. They aren’t going to go back the way they were before, so everyone will need to get used to it.

Another thing to understand about this, is that Facebook isn’t evil. They are a tool that you can use to connect with people. That’s all they are.

You can read my rant about Facebook being an amazing network, and NOT being evil, by CLICKING HERE

Okay, now without further interruption, let’s get on with the walkthrough. You can watch as few videos as you want, or all of them if you want. If doesn’t matter to me. As long as you feel more comfortable and feel like you can tackle Facebook more thoroughly after it’s all over, I feel as though I’ve succeeded.

When you are ready, you can activate timelines right now by visiting THIS LINK HERE. Enjoy:

Video #1: Introduction to the Interface Changes and Feature Sets


Please note that the date I specify, September 30, 2011, is NOT correct. It is likely this is a personal date for my page, and not for everyone. Thanks.


Video #2: Timelines Walkthrough. What’s new…



Video #3: Apps, Activity changes, and Subscriptions


(featured image by: DeviantArt)


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