Netflix is getting agressive now! For a while now, they’ve been an unstoppable force for getting movies to your door, cheap and fast. Now they’re stepping it up a knotch!

According to the New York Post, Netflix is willing to cough up big money for the latest TV shows to be added to their streaming service. They’ve been talking to studios, and are willing to give up up to $100,000… PER EPISODE! The company is making it clear that they are moving in the streaming direction, and are not willing to give Hulu an exclusive advantage.

As many of you know, Hulu has been a key website for watching the latest TV shows soon after they air on TV, most times even the very next day. This thas never been the case with Netflix hough. I’ve only got access to certain past seasons to stream to my TV with Netflix. They never have anything involving the current season available.

Netflix is pushing to change this though, Two weeks ago, I got an email that stated my current plan was changing. They switched to having two seperate options for service: DVD by mail + Streaming online for $9.99, or Streaming only for $7.99. This gives users the option to save a little money if they mainly use the service for streaming content online. Of course, personally I do love the available selection of movies when renting DVD’s by mail, but I would love to watch television shows as well. I haven’t done it much, however, due to there really only being episodes I had already seen a year or more ago.

The problem with Netflix has always been that, when it comes to streaming movies, their selection tends to lack a little. The newest titles are not available to stream, and can only be obtained using the DVD by mail feature. While this is a smart move for films, it doesn’t make any sense for television programming. That’s what Netflix is out to change, and they’re willing to pay up to $100,000 per episode to give it to it’s customers. Now that’s commitment to excellence if I ever heard of it.

Do you use Netflix? Would you consider subscribing if you could watch any current episode of the LATEST TV shows?

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