Look out interwebs, there is a “new” social media site out there. Myspace, formerly known as My____, is doing a reboot of sorts and you can sign up for an invite right now! Remind anyone of Google+ invites?

As you can see in the above video, everything you might remember about Myspace is gone. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up, and I must say the visuals are striking. For those who are getting a little overwhelmed with Facebook’s Timeline, this would be a welcome change. With Justin Timberlake at the forefront, will he be everyone’s new “Tom”? I’m looking forward to see if the former giant in the social media world can make any inroads back to relevance.

While waiting on that invite perhaps you should get your “Top 8” friends ready, if they will come back over to Myspace with you!

Source Myspace via Engadget


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