You heard it here folks (and all over the place in a few hours probably), MuscleNerd has just tweeted that the baseband bootrom on the iPhone 4S has been officially dumped!

What does this mean? It means we’re closer now to an unlock! Yay for freedom! It also means the Dev Team is actively working on an unlock for you guys.

Unlocking the iPhone, for those who aren’t familiar, is the act of opening up the previously “locked” device so that it can be used on cellular carriers that it wasn’t previously approved to work for. This is the same process that iPhone users have been using for years to get their devices running on T-Mobile in the United States. In fact, the very first unlock of an iPhone was originally performed for that exact purpose. George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, unlocked the first iPhone in 2007 with hardware modifications, allowing the device to work wonderfully on T-Mobiles 2G network.

Even today, an unlock for the iPhone will only get you T-Mobile’s 2G network, but it’s better than AT&T for a lot of people who are stuck with only EDGE signal in their area, and haven’t yet gotten 3G coverage. The act of unlocking the device also comes in handy when traveling across the world into other countries, since a locked iPhone (in the United States) will not work on any other carrier besides the one it was purchased on. That means, no international carriers.

iPhones are for sale from Apple completely unlocked already, but you’d need to buy them outright, which costs a lot of cash that you don’t likely have to blow on a phone.

Good news is, you may not have to wait very long. With this latest news coming out via Twitter from MuscleNerd, we know that the hackers behind “operations iPhone freedom” (it’s not really called that), have just made progress in the right direction. Please be patient while they work…. they do this stuff for free for you, after all.

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