Do you remember the popular Cydia tweak “Zephyr” from back before iOS 7? Zephyr was one of the most popular downloads ever in Cydia, largely because it added so many amazing features to our iDevices. We could quickly swipe between apps, dismiss and close them without needing to prompt the multitasking bar, and much more. Zephyr was successful because of these wonderful things, but it’s unfortunately not being developed further for iOS 7. At least, that’s where we’re feeling anyways. That’s why MultitaskingGestures was created instead, to give us most of the Zephyr features we’ve grown to love, in the latest version of iOS. It’s essentially Zephry for iOS 7.

MultitaskingGestures gives your device new functionality by allowing you to swipe from right to left (and vice versa) between apps, so there’s no more need to double-click the home button (a feature that can extend the longevity of your hardware). The tweak also let’s you close out apps with a swipe from the bottom to the top, a move we’re already used to doing to bring up our “Control Center” to turn on and off various features of our device.

Control Center is now integrated into Notification Center. (Image source)

Control Center is now integrated into Notification Center. (Image source)

Now obviously, Control Center isn’t going to be summoned the same way with MultitaskingGestures installed, because that movement has been reassigned. Instead, you’d swipe down from the top! Your control center is now integrated with notification center, so you can use that “missed” tab area that you never really get to use, and finally make full use of the space Apple has given you. Control Center will still operate the same way, but it’s found in this new place instead.

MultitaskingGestures also gives you some iPad gestures as well. Pinching in your fingers, for example, returns you to your home screen. One thing that does separate this tweak from Zephyr though, is customization from the settings. MultitaskingGestures simply doesn’t have any settings. You install it, and that’s it. All of the new gestures are on. Those who remember Zephyr will likely remember being able to tweak all of their gestures to their liking, and knowing that there are no settings here might be a buzz kill for you. But, if you’re looking for Zephyr for iOS 7, you’ll have to deal with that for now. Perhaps an update will come in the future, but it’s not guaranteed.

You can purchase MultitaskingGestures from the BigBoss Repo in Cydia for $1.50. The tweak requires iOS 7, and is arm64 compatible (so it will work for iPhone 5s). If you’re currently viewing this from a jailbroken iPhone, and you’ll like to check it out, TAP HERE to be taken to Cydia.


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