Microsoft’s E3 2012 event is over, and man did they knock it out of the park. They not only showed off some great looking games, but they also showed that they continue to turn the Xbox 360 into an entertainment powerhouse. They knew that Nintendo was going to try to steal the show with the re-unveiling of the Wii U game system so they had to have an impressive showing to keep the attention on them. Microsoft definitely came into this event with guns blazing, most of what they showed was nothing new, (thanks to previous announcements and leaks) but their presentation was phenomenal none the less. Unlike last years E3, Kinect was not the main focus. They chose instead to focus on the games and software that will soon be added to the 360 library. Here is just a few of the big games and features announced.

– Tomb Raider

The newest Tomb Raider looks to re-invent the series as well as the main character Lara Croft. This game is not afraid to show you the beating that Lara can take while also providing many thrilling cinematic moments.  The game play and combat look to be very similar to that of the Uncharted series for the PlayStation 3. This game should finally provide Xbox players the thrilling cinematic experience they have been waiting for. CHECK OUT THE DEMO HERE!

-Halo 4

This is the moment people have been waiting for, the highly anticipated Halo 4 showing. 343 studios appears to have stuck to the roots of what makes the Halo games some of the greatest ever made, a compelling story, excellent environments, great characters, and thrilling multiplayer combat. Check out THIS LINK to see a cool gallery from the game. A game play demo was shown where we received the first look at the prometheans which are apart of the Forerunner empire. The Prometheans shown in this demo are referred to as A.I by Cortana though, no word on whether or not the Forerunner are going to be the main enemy.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

We see Sam Fisher once again in this newest installment into the Splinter Cell series. Although this game is not the stealth heavy style that many fans have dreamed of since Chaos Theory for the original Xbox, it should provide entertaining story line and game play style. Some of the elements shown appear to be borrowed from some previous games recently released, such as tagging targets made popular by Ghost Recon Future Solider, and platforming mechanics from the Assassins Creed series. I can’t wait to see what trouble Sam has gotten himself into now

Xbox Live additions and Features

Microsoft has made it a primary goal of theirs to turn the 360 into not only a gaming machine but also a complete multimedia experience. New additions include partnerships with Nickelodeon and Paramount, as well as an enhanced watch ESPN app packed full of goodies for sports lovers. Microsoft also announced the creation of a music service called “Xbox Music”, not much was revealed about this new service but we do know that it will be Kinect enabled.

No new hardware announcements were made today, but rumors became fact with the introduction of “Smart Glass”. This new app aims to provide users with a fully connected experience spanning across games, movies, TV shows, and music. Once the app is installed on your iOS,  Android, or Windows 8 powered device, you will have the ability use the device as a remote for your Xbox 360, interact with games, and receive additional information.

This is just a few of the exciting announcements made at this years E3. Be sure to check back for more as the expo continues. You can follow everything from HotTips E3 coverage using the banner image below the menu bar above, or LIKE US on Facebook for updates throughout the week!


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