One small word is the topic of today’s Microsoft story: PixelSense™. Another word comes to mind when I seen this demo: “Wow.”

With this new technology developed by Microsoft and Samsung, the surface PC gets really thin, and very responsive. It can work horizontally, like a desk (but a screen of course), as well as vertically, like a kiosk. It looks very impressive, and includes a full Windows 7 PC experience built into it.

The computer is also much thinner than the previous version of the technology, coming in at just 4″ thin. While this may still seem a bit thick for a computer screen, remember that this is far thinner than the previously enormous boxy version that came before it. It also isn’t using a camera to detect your touch, but rather, every pixel is acting as a camera. In this way, the technology not only senses where it’s being touched, but it can “see” what is touching it, as Microsoft demos with a piece of paper in the video.

Microsoft’s Surface 2 is a 40-inch 16:9 display capable of 1080p. The hardware inside consists of an AMD Athlon II X2 dual-core processor running at 2.9GHz coupled with an AMD HD6750M GPU (DX11 supported). To protect the screen during all the interaction, Samsung has used the largest sheet of Gorilla Glass yet seen on any product.

Microsoft lists features as follows:

  • Make content more engaging. Give your customers immersive and collaborative ways to engage with photos, videos, documents, maps, custom applications, and more.
  • Plan and simulate. Bring to life real-time “if/then” modeling and visualization, simulations and calculations—perfect for financial services, healthcare, and other consultative environments.
  • Make learning more fun. Breathe new life into the education process with rich visualizations that encourage teamwork and enhance learning.
  • Transform the shopping experience. Make shopping more immersive by connecting customers with more options, recommendations, product and service comparisons, and personalized service.
  • Connect with customers through games and pastimes. Have some fun by putting Surface in restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, and other venues, associating memorable experiences with your brand.
  • Communicate and connect. Give people an efficient and intriguing new way to get the information they’re looking for—like maps and tourist destinations in a hotel lobby. Or use it to help them exchange personal information so they can connect with each other and to your business.

Check out the video below by IGN for more information on this. Be sure to let us know what you think below too. How does this compare to Apple’s multi-touch gestures? Do you think this will take off, or become yet another failed product in our tech world? It may be cooler than what Apple has on their displays and stuff, but the price is not consumer friendly. It’ll hit resellers in January for between $7,600 and $8,400. This price is $4000 cheaper than the previous model, but still also about $4000 than I’m willing to spend on this.


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