Gee… I wonder if Microsoft is about to refresh the XBOX 360!? – Seems pretty likely now, with this latest offer from Microsoft!

Starting May 22, Microsoft is offering a free XBox 360 (with 4GB of storage) to those who pay at least $699 for a Windows 7 PC. This doesn’t just mean laptops either… This applies to anything that can be considered a PC running Windows 7 (tablets>?)

What a great deal for all those college students out there! – Apple’s deal was “Buy a Mac, get a free iPod Touch” but personally, I’d have to agree with the masses on this one pretty heavily. XBOX 360 = LOT better incentive!

This does tend to look like a race to be rid of the smaller, less memory-studded XBOX consoles (with 4GB storage) along with all of those sad looking PC computers that haven’t been getting looked at lately with all the Tablet talk. This move is also, obviously, a move to get “Mac” off the minds of these young students, and to pull them back through to the world of Windows (yay! #sarcasm).

Seriously though… let’s look at what this means. I’m thinking we’re getting new XBOX consoles soon. Let’s look at it this way: E3 is coming up, and Microsoft hasn’t really refreshed that thing in forever. Kinect did a little bit, don’t get me wrong here… but that’s just an add-on. Gamers are looking for the next big thing. You’re Move Microsoft! Here’s more:

Students who buy select Windows 7-based PCs will get a free Xbox 360 console with purchase.

REDMOND, Wash., May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Microsoft Corp. today announced a new offer for students who purchase a new Windows 7-based PC. Starting May 22, students buying a new Windows 7-based PC priced at $699 (U.S.) or more will also get a free Xbox 360 4GB console. Students will be able to choose from the wide range of stylish, powerful and innovative Windows 7-based PCs to find the one that’s right for them based on the features, color, size and price they want. The offer is available at participating retailers for current students in the U.S. while supplies last. Similar student-focused offers will be coming soon in Canada and France.

“A hot new Windows 7-based PC with a free Xbox 360 is the ultimate productivity, social and entertainment package for students,” said Kathleen Hall, general manager of Windows Marketing at Microsoft. “In one shot, with this great offer, Microsoft is giving students everything they need for a successful new school year.”
Today’s Windows 7-based PCs come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors, and many new PCs boast built-in Blu-ray drives, 3G connections and leading-edge technologies, such as 3-D displays and multitouch-capable screens. With more than 1 million devices and apps that work with a Windows 7-based PC, students’ smartphones, printers, digital music players and cameras will work with their PCs with ease right out of the box. With the addition of Microsoft Office 2010 for Home and Student with OneNote, students can create presentations for class, take and organize digital notes, manage group projects and assignments, and easily stay on top of class schedules. And with an Xbox 360, students can not only have fun gaming but also can enjoy a range of entertainment options, including streaming videos, sports, music and more.
To take advantage of this offer, students or parents must provide valid student identification as defined by the participating retailer.

(source: Windows FreeBox)

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