About a week ago I was trying to write an article about the Avengers movie, and what it would include. I didn’t get vary far into the whos and whats of the Avengers, as apparently the idea of Joss Whedon writing and directing a movie about most of my favorite super heros is indescribable by my bulging geek mind. However I did come to a conclusion about the Avengers Movie, and the real reason that I am so happy for it to come out.

The real reason I’m happy, besides all the smashing and bashing and Tony Stark, thank you Joss, is the fact the Avengers is really something new in the movie world. See in my last article I explained how Batman was the first comic book movie of it’s kindThe Avengers will be the first movie of it’s kind. Period.

The thing about movie trilogies and movie series is that they have to end, and we always complain about the ending too. I mean damn, after all that Will Turner only gets to bang Kira Knightly every 10 years!?!?  The same thing can be said of the epic series too. They all have to end, yes, even Harry Potter, and we are all sad when it happens. This is about to change however.

Of course he's yours. No, I don't think it's weird that he's only 7... why?

The Avengers franchise NEVER has to end. See, comics happen in a continuity or canon. They have story lines and guest stars and cross overs and mini-series, but movies don’t. With the exception of the occasional spin off, most movies have a very strict character base that exists in one specific series. For example, Scarface will never meet the Godfather, and I think we all would like a cross over where Cobra Commander dissects and reverse engineers Megaton… just a sec, I have to go pitch a movie….

Ok, if that movie comes out in the next 10 years I’m suing and calling all of you as witnesses. Chances are that it won’t though. It’s because  of a certain suspension of belief. Think about it this way, In the Star Trek universe there are certain number of set posibilites. These may be bent, broken, or retconed as needed, but there are always certain limitations. For example I would never expect to see a movie about a Borg assimilated Harry Potter teleporting mad cyborgs into random starships. It sounds like an amazing idea at first, but where do you go with it? The Marvel Movies have solved this problem, with one seemingly mild mannered, nearly-bald guy.

I only seem like a nice guy until you realize how badass I really am.

The guy above is Clark Gregg. You might also remember him as Agent Coulson. He was in Thor, both Iron Man movies, the Avengers, and he is rumored to be in the Nick Fury movie, but he’s not a main character. He was created to help join the movies. Also, maybe you noticed that the man who created Cap’s shield in Captain America: The First Avenger, was named Howard Stark.

Hmmmm… it seems to me that Tony had a father. Can anyone guess his name?

So now marvel has a franchise in place, they can make two or three movies between the avengers films, market the hell out of the no name super heros that will get popular from the Avengers movies and have all kinds of guest stars. Marvel has turned movies into comics. Don’t believe me? Look at this.

"Hey guys, this funny little magazine is full of storyboards, and someone wrote in dialogue, we should just make movies out of these!" - Anonymous Producer

You might think that what you just saw was the storyboard from Sin City, but it wasn’t. It was the comic book that Sin City was based of off. It was only used as the storyboard. So now that Marvel can do basicly the same thing that Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez did for Sin City  they can make movies about all of the Avengers that have ever been.

Here’s a short list of those whom there are not already movie about: Vision, Hawkeye, Wonder-man, Miss Marvel/Warbird, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman, Hercules, Black Widow, Black Panther, Black Knight, Mantis, Hellcat, Two-Gun Kid, Tigra, Namor, Doctor Druid.

Ok well that’s most of them up the 80s, I think I’ll stop there… no wait how about Spider-Man (yes he’s also a member of the fantastic four/future foundation at the same time) and of course Wolverine, who is basically in every X-Men strike team, and a member of the Avengers… probably a member of both Avengers teams… I can’t even keep track anymore. The point is that Marvel never ever ever EVER has to stop making movies now. Why not have cameos of your favorite hero’s in just about every film?

While initially I thought that Marvel had gone too far, and promoted a possible movie string that could change the comic book movie genre forever, AND over-commercialize comics. I then realized that Marvel just took one of the things I love about comic books and applied it to movies that are based on comic books. And while I agree that this could get obnoxious (especially if we have the cast of Avengers 5, include Squirrel Girl), the need to appeal to main stream movie fans will most likely ensure that Squirrel Girl never becomes the new Jar Jar. Probably.

It also means that the age of comic book movies that I thought was almost over isn’t. So no, I can’t just go back to being a typical 30 year-old college student who lives in a basement, rather than the guy who defends the slight changing of continuity that film makers have to do to fit 30 years of story into 2 hours of screen time. Who really cares if the spider was radioactive or genetically engineered, it bit him and he started walking on walls! Also no, I’m not a loser at all thank you – I like my basement.

For better or worse the age of the comic book movie has just begun.

Now as for that article on the avengers that I promised? its about half done. So as soon an my brain can wrap around the awesomeness that truly is the Avengers… there will be a real article on this, and not just on how marvel plans to milk the movie industry for all it’s worth.

Featured image from Screenrant.com other images: wikia, Omega-level.net, Comic Book Movie.com


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