For those who love MTG (Magic: The Gathering), and own an iPhone or iPod touch, this one is for you!

Hothead Games released a new card battle game titled Kard Combat. Now before you think of this as something you aren’t going to like, or something really cheaply done, you should know that one of the co-designers of the game is Richard Garfield. Name sound familiar? He’s the Mathmatics PH.D. that  created Magic: The Gathering. Apparently, he’s been looking to expand even further into the video game territory, rather than just the card game. There are games for XBOX, PC (Steam), and the Playstation three, all of which are multiplayer capable online. Now, iOS users get their own game. It’s not as good as for the other consoles, but for your handheld… it’s pretty good. Even Richard thinks so, having this to say after seeing it:

“For years I’ve wanted to create Magic-like experiences for people who play video games. Kard Combat on iPhone and iPad does this and is simple enough for anyone to pick up and play, but with plenty of depth for the hardcore player. Hothead has created a truly magical game.”

The game is actually fairly deep as well, having both single player as well as multiplayer modes. As a free game, you are limited quite a bit to what you can actually do, but there is an option to purchase/unlock features within the app itself (via in-app purchase) The game is free to download, but is limited to the first four battles for each mage,unless you are willing to make an in-app purchase to unlock more. The full set of battles for each mage type is $0.99 as an in-app purchase, or $2.99 for all four. If you really wanna get serious about it, every card available in the game is unlock-able for a whopping $9.99.

Just like Magic: The Gathering, the artwork is simply amazing. With 100 cards to unlock, you’ll surely have hours into playing this, and likely some more later into playing your friends. It isn’t quite as intense as Magic is, and it actually is a bit different as far as how cards are played goes as well. It isn’t hard to learn how to play by any means, because the rules are really simple. You likely won’t find yourself dominating everybody though, as it’s similar to Magic in the sense that it’s just so hard to be “awesome” at it.

PLay this game… and you’ll want to play more later (they’re hoping you will… that’s why there is a free demo and in-app purchase)



(via Macgasm)

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