While random web browsing often doesn’t do much for our intellectual capacity, this little venture I just finished left me with one little success story along my journey. The LG Smart TV.

Honestly, this thing is pretty freakin cool. It has a little bit of Google TV, Nintendo Wii, and iPhone features mixed all into one great TV. For what I can tell so far by their demonstration, it’s bound to be a huge hit come Spring 2011. The television features several unique features that have yet to be seen from a TV. Apps, motion controls, and a very clean interface aren’t new to any of us tech savvy individuals… but they are new for a TV.

One “exclusive” feature is their motion remote. Just like the Nintendo Wii, the LG Smart TV is controlled by pointing at what you want, and clicking the button on their very futuristic-looking remote control.

The second great thing isn’t really all that new to TV’s, but what is new is how they’ve implemented it. The TV supports apps from LG’s app store, and can be rearranged on the screen in any way you want them to be. There is no telling how smooth this process really is going to be, but from the demo is seems pretty simple and quick.

The last thing I find awesome about this thing is the layout. It’s very clean (you guys know how I like things looking and feeling clean). It’s just so easy to use, and there is hardly any reason at all to include an instruction manual (although they will be doing so).

The LG Smart TV comes Spring 2011. I don’t know the price, but when I find out… it’ll go right here.


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