Kim Dotcom, the popular dude from MegaUpload that made quite a bit of news recently, has started a public campaign speaking out against the United States Government, and specifically President Obama.

In the video above, Kim Dotcom is asking for change, and tells the world that we all need to stand together, or the government will take over completely and our lives and free speech rights will be ruined forever.

“Let’s get together, let’s all unite.
Or they will do whatever they like.”

Megaupload, in case you forgot, was the most popular file sharing site based in the United States. That is, until the government totally raided the offices and shut everything down completely, ceasing the domain It got it’s start as a solution to a problem, as Kim Dotcom was attempting to send a file to a friend via email, which was too large for the mail server to send. He created a server, uploaded the file to that server, got the unique link to the file, and then sent the link to his friend instead. That’s the birth of MegaUpload.

Kim Dotcom says there are many laws protecting his business, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and there are also other laws, such as the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, which protect users from having their files snooped at. This law, Kim Dotcom says, is just one of many reasons why it’s impossible for his company to monitor every single instance of piracy on his site..

Kim, who has the support of many popular people in the technology and information industry, including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, has now opened up a new website to represent this campaign against what has happened to him, and what will likely happen to many others who threaten Hollywood’s old ways of making billions. The website, appropriately named just like his real name,

The new website contains the music video above, and criticizes the Obama administration for its ties to Hollywood, and he goes as far as to compare himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It features the White House with a flag featuring the MPAA flying overhead, as well as other stuff. You can check out the site by clicking here.

Kim Dotcom’s home was completely raided when he was arrested, as New Zealand’s forces stormed onto his property with automatic weapons. It was completely out of hand. You can see an interview with Kim, as he speaks about that moment, by watching the video from Campbell Live below. The audio is a little quiet, so you may want decent speakers, or headphones.



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