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When it comes to buying a vaporizer – it’s quite difficult making  a smart choice. There are vaporizers for herbs, e-liquids, and even wax/concentrates. As if having multiple substances to vaporize wasn’t enough, there are thousands of vaporizers on the market – some respectable, but many not. KandyPens, a newly emerged company from Santa Barbara, California makes choosing the right vaporizer a no brainer.

Introducing: The SkyCloud Trifunctional Vaporizer

What is it?

The SkyCloud by KandyPens is a trifunctional vaporizer – meaning it can be used to vaporize e-liquids, dry tobacco/herbs, and wax/concentrates. Not only is KandyPens the first company to produce a device that has the ability to work with all substances, it is the first company to offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Wow is all I can say. The warranty is limited to manufacturer defects and problems with the battery (whether it is defective after production or use). Unfortunately, the atomizers aren’t covered but, KandyPens offers replacements for all of their atomizers. neato



First Impressions

KandyPens is clearly dedicated to putting an emphasis on first impressions. The box the device comes in is modern and easy to open – shoutout to all the companies that make opening their box a fucking puzzle *cough* Ploom *cough* Upon opening the box, you’ll find your SkyCloud snuggly fit along with three atomizers – the dry tobacco/herbal atomizer, the wax/concentrate atomizer, and the e-liquid atomizer. Might I mention – this thing is small. It is about 4/5ths the size of the modelTwo by Ploom. Under the first layer of goodies there is a box charger, a cleaning tool, a dabber, and an information card telling you all about the device. Overall, beautiful. After opening my device, I proceeded to test out each atomizer.


The E-liquid Atomizer

Although the device and tank itself is small, it packs a good punch. Vapor production was unbelievable for it being so small. I was very impressed by how much flavor was released. Close, if not better than your standard Ego e-liquid vaporizer when it comes down to vapor production, taste, and functionality. Does it smell? Nope. E-liquid vapor tends to leave an odor for a few seconds, then it dissipates. So don’t fret – if mommy doesnt like you smoking anything in the house – she won’t even notice.

Dry Tobacco/Herb Atomizer

This is where it starts to get interesting. I was very skeptical about this feature of the device. After using dry herb pens such as the Atmos, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Atmos delivered clean hits – but it cashed the entire bowl of herb in less than 5 seconds. When it came to the SkyCloud – this thing blew me away. I took 2-3 drags in about a 5 minute time period. Not only were the hits on point, the atomizer vaped the herbs equally and slowly(this was very clear due to the fact that the atomizer still contained half the herbs I had placed in it – and no, they weren’t vaporized…yet.) All in all – very impressive. Research behind making the contents of the atomizer vaporize slowly and fully is evident. This big question appears around all dry herb vaporizer – does it smell? Depends what your vaping quite honestly. If its some tobacco from old uncle sam at your local gas station, it puts off a slight tobacco stench, but not over-intrusive. If its marijuana – yes it will smell, but – not anywhere close to how much a bong or a hitter would smell. Compared to a joint, this thing is like dropping a pinch of bud in a campfire. You’ll be safe as long as your parents or paranoid land lord doesn’t have the nose of a dog.


Kandypens has recently released a glass honeycomb insert for this atomizer that prevents all combustion. This makes the Skycloud the first herbal/dry tobacco vape with zero combustion.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.40.42 PM




The Wax/Concentrate Atomizer

It’s pretty hard to mess up this type of atomizer. The reason being, the technology is out there for everybody to use, and simply put – all it requires is a coil and wick. Starting my testing with this in mind, I was pretty shocked – just looking at the engineering of the atomizer it was much different than any other concentrate atomizer I had seen before. Not only is it’s design on point, the hits were spectacular. The concentrates were slowly vaped, and the cleanup was much easier than any device I’ve ever used. No more cleaning after every hit, no more losing dabs in between the edges of the coil – just dab dab dab until your heart’s content.



The Glass Globe

What is it? No, it isn’t that big plastic thing that everyone drew dicks on in 3rd grade geography class. The Glass Globe is an atomizer offered by KandyPens that is paid for separately from the main device. Yeah, sadly this thing isn’t included in the bundle, but its worth a buy. The Globe uses the same technology for vaping concentrates as the wax/concentrate atomizer, but it allows more smoke to form in a spectacular looking glass globe. Clean up is easy, and the hits are beautiful. The glass is sturdy, and no – it wont break in your pocket(unless you fucking hulk smash it, in which case, don’t go wimping around on the internet saying how its thin glass and its cheap, you’d just make yourself look like an idiot). Does it smell? Dabs never smell – well, sometimes, eh, depends. Not bad though. Definitely low-key – good for sporting events with other soccer moms, or your son’s 8th grade graduation ceremony.



UPDATE: Kandypens has recently released a wick-less atomizer for wax/concentrates. Having no wick in the atomizer not only makes the vapor from the concentrate taste heavenly, but it also is more thick and prevalent.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.39.12 PM


This little device packs a heavy punch in all categories. Dry Tobacco/Herbs/wax/concentrates  burn equally and slowly, hits are clean, smell is on the low end, and the price is set correctly for all that it does.


In my opinion, one to none. Although changing atomizers can be difficult(due to the locking mechanism in each atomizer that connects to the battery, which I have failed to mention until this point), it allows the device stay in one piece when on the move. No more pulling out your G-pen trying to impress your friends only to find that it came apart and that bowl of high grade wax is all over your pocket. +1 KandyPens for recognizing that stoners and people in general do tend to throw their shit in their pockets.


This thing takes gold in my book. Functionality is outstanding, customer service is excellent. This vaporizer is definitely a game changer.

The SkyCloud can be purchased here.


Full video review:

Kandypens 2.0 Review/Unboxing:


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